Crawl2: Three Moves

Seventh Gallery (Melbourne) 20 October - 6 November 2010
Boxcopy (Brisbane) 13 November - 4 December 2010

Crawl2 opens on Saturday 13 November, 6pm at Boxcopy (Level 1, Watson Brothers Building, 129 Margaret St, Brisbane, Queensland).

Arlo Mountford

Gemma Smith

Francis Als


Arlo Mountford
The triumph 2010 (still)
Single channel video installation, 16:9 HD, stereo, 9:11 minutes
Image courtesy of the artist
Gemma Smith
Loop 2010
Synthetic polymer paint on board
34 x 27.5 cm
Image courtesy of the artist
Francis Als
The Modern Procession 2002 (still)
Single channel version, 7:30 minutes
Image courtesy of the artist (

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Featuring Arlo Mountford, Gemma Smith and Francis Als
Curated By Ellie Buttrose & Bree Richards.

From the utopian ambitions of the modernist movement through pop culture piss-take and the confusion of life in the 21st century, each artist in ‘Three Moves’ engages with a dizzying spectrum of forms and ideas. Works by Arlo Mountford, Gemma Smith, and Francis Als all muck around with Marcel Duchamp’s famous maxim that ‘art is a game’, variously poking fun at, reconfiguring, or playing with a vast array of visual referents, from the familiar to the foreign. Rather than breaking free from the past, each artist meets it head on, mining the annals of art history in order to make it new - to ham it up, break it open, and take it out to the streets. Three artists, three moves: It’s a nonsensical game between irony and intellect where art wins hands down.

Download the Crawl2 Catalogue containing curatorial essays by Ellie Buttrose & Bree Richards and extensive images.

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