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Goodbye from Crawl


Dear friends,

Crawl has been running for 8 years, listing 3,470 exhibitions and events from 118 Artist Run Initiatives in every state and territory in Australia.

At the end of 2014, the Crawl project will come to an end. 

Thank you to all 118 ARIs, the amazing artists, directors, and volunteers who have shared their projects with Crawl. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to share your events on Crawl.

The Crawl database of ARI events will be made available in the future at for anyone who is interested in researching ARIs in the years between 2007-2014.

ARIpedia, the online encyclopaedia for ARIs that anyone can edit, will remain active, and I encourage everyone to share your ARI history in its pages.

Warm regards,

Nicholas Hudson-Ellis


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SafARI 2014


Sam Songailo

SafARI recently announced the artist list for the upcoming SafARI 2014. Check it out!

For more news and info, visit

It is with great excitement that co-curators Christiane Keys-Statham and Liz Nowell announce the artists selected for SafARI 2014.

This year over 160 applications were received, all of a very high calibre. The final 14 artists and collectives selected represent some of the finest of emerging artists across the country. Already with numerous achievements under their belts, the artists selected for SafARI 2014 represent a broad range of artistic influences, interests and experiences.

SafARI 2014 will be held at numerous venues across Sydney and will open 14 March, coinciding with the crucial first opening weeks of the Biennale of Sydney. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, SafARI aims to exhibit work by emerging and unrepresented Australian artists working across a diverse range of media. Previous SafARI artists include the likes of Liam Benson, Tom Polo, the controversial Lucas Grogran, and Clarke Beaumont, who were recently selected as the Australian artists in John Kaldor’s ‘13 Rooms’.

The SafARI 2014 artists are as follows:

  • ACAB Collective – VIC Madison Bycroft – SA James Carey – VIC Benjamin Forster – WA Patrick Francis – VIC Emma Hamilton – VIC Dale Harding – QLD Nikki Lam – VIC
  • Gemma Messih & Ally Bisshop – NSW/Berlin Laura Moore – NSW
  • Liam O'Brien – QLD
  • Sam Songailo – SA
  • Leyla Stevens – NSW
  • Paul Williams & Chris Dolman – NSW

Image caption: Sam Songailo, New Sound, 2010, acrylic paint on board, dimension variable

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Peloton Is Closing

Sad news from the latest Peloton newsletter:

Peloton was started in 2004 to address the lack of venues for emerging and mid career artists to exhibit in Sydney.  Over 9 years Peloton has exhibited more the 350 artists from all over Australia and the world.  We have prided ourselves on supporting a diverse selection of artists across varying stages of their careers, giving recognition and exposure where due.  Although some costs were passed onto artists in our formative years, as funding became available these expenses were removed allowing us to offer exhibitions without any cost to the artists involved.  This has become a business model that we are incredibly proud of, despite its unsustainability.  Artists are too often taken advantage of, we are pleased that we can say we celebrated them, placing art and artists as our top priority.  Opening on the 8th of March, our last exhibition will be a group show of artists closely involved with the gallery in the past and those who we had planned to show in 2013. It will provide a chance to thank and remember all those involved.  On the 10th of March this year we will close our doors for the last time. 

The current exhibitions on at Peloton are Take My Breath Away and 365 attempts to meditate, which run until Saturday 23 February.

View the archive of Peloton events on Crawl.    

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The Case For Artist Run Initiatives: ARIna


Two days ago there was an amazing post on ARIna in the Critical Writing subarina. It was a collection of mini manifestos by ARI directors on the question Why do we neen ARIs? From Anna Dunhill, director of Paper Mountain in Perth:

"We need spaces where art is an experience, not a sale; spaces where we can learn and grow as artists and curators and writers and people."

The rest of Anna's contribution is a must read, as are the pieces by Michael Graeve and Sharne Wolff.


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Announcing ARIna


This week was the launch of the ARIna website ( – a joint project between the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and Crawl.
ARIna is a wonderful community generated resource for ideas, resources, supplies and knowledge. Anyone can register an account to post new links, and start new discussions. 
Posts are broken up into different categories like Education, Red Tape, Governance and Setting up an ARI. Or you can browse the post popular posts on the front page.
You can vote up the best posts just like other social news websites like reddit, Pinterest and Delicious. The difference with ARIna is that it’s just for the ARI community.
Like all community news websites, ARIna will only thrive with community engagement, so let’s make the best use of it and have fun!
You can register online at Follow ARIna on Twitter @ARInaORG and on Facebook at Download a PDF flyer to share (400KB)
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