About Us

Crawl was started in January 2008 by Joshua Walsh, Patricia Feldman and Catherine Robinson in response to a need within the Artist-Run-Initiative (ARI) community for a new type of arts organisation. An organisation that exists to promote ARIs and the artists who they exhibit.

In the world of the commercial art galleries, there is an abundance of press coverage and cash to go around. But within the ARI community, the very group of people who need the most support, and indeed who produce the most engaging and avant-garde work there is limited support.

The aim of Crawl is to provide a central resource for artists, students and anybody interested in the ARI community to find out what is happening in ARIs all around Australia.

Crawl is open for any Artist-Run-Initiative to join, and together we can build a new arts organisation to support our community.

Crawl is a non profit organisation.